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Approved Extract

The Matla Housing System consists of:

The following improvements can be made to upgrade buildings:

This Mantag certificate covers the use of the Matla Housing System in selected areas in all climatic zones of Southern Africa for the erection of simple, single storey buildings for the following uses:

However, calculations show that small houses (with a floor area of 30 m2) will not meet Agrément South Africa`s minimum thermal criteria in all climatic zones unless they have ceilings and lined walls. They can therefore only be regarded as temporary shelters until ceilings and wall linings have been fitted.

Mantag certificates are a distinct type of Agrément certificate, based on acceptable safety and health criteria for houses and related outbuildings, and non-residential schools in areas where the local authority is of the opinion that the type of construction is appropriate, given that in these areas it is of paramount importance that buildings be erected at the lowest possible cost.
If the conditions of this certificate are complied with, Agrément South Africa is of the opinion that the Matla Housing System will be fit-for-purpose, and can therefore be regarded as complying with the functional requirements related to safety and health contained in the National Building Regulations. In general, however, Mantag criteria permit a lesser level of performance than would be expected from buildings erected in accordance with the deemed-to-satisfy rules contained in SABS 0400:1990, The application of the National Building Regulations