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Company: Michael Dyson Associates Ltd
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Address: P O Box 4531 CRESTA 2118

Approved Extract

The building system comprises fibre-reinforced, precast concrete external wall panels which are tray-shaped with a tapered, shaped outer rim with mouldings to accommodate the sockets of the panel connectors. Foundations can be conventional strip footings or surface beds with thickened edge beams.

The panels are joined together with specially designed connectors to form the external walls of single storey dwellings. The base of the panels is bolted to the foundation/surface bed and a continuous mild steel channel wallplate clips over the top of the panels and is bolted to the panels.

The panels can be left unfinished internally or lined with fibre-cement boards or gypsum plasterboard with or without insulation.

Internal walls are of conventional brick or block.

Roof trusses and cladding are conventional with the trusses anchored with mild steel angle cleats welded to the wall plate channel. Ceilings can be installed with or without insulation.

This Mantag certificate covers the use of the MDA Housing System in selected areas in all climatic zones of South Africa for the erection of single storey buildings for the following uses: