Status: Inactive
Company: Megacom Housing (Pty) Ltd
Tel: (011) 783 9800
Address: P O Box 783482 RSANDTON CITY 2146

Approved Extract

The Megacom Mantag Building System utilises hollow interlocking concrete blocks that are dry-stacked for the erection of single storey attached and detached dwellings.

The first levelling course of blocks is bedded in mortar on the surface bed or strip footings. Core columns are required at specified positions and a continuous ring beam is formed above window and door height. Walls are finished externally with a skim coat or with conventional plaster and an acrylic paint. Internally, walls may be skim coat plastered or plastered both sides.

The double pitch roof construction is of timber purlins or mild steel lipped-channel purlins with profiled sheet steel cladding.

Foundations are either thickened concrete edge beams and with the surface bed thickened under internal walls, or conventional concrete strip footings with Megacom concrete block foundation walls filled with concrete.