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Approved Extract

The MG SIP Building System is a single or double storey building that is constructed in accordance with a rational design, prepared by a professional engineer, who will:

The MG SIP Building System is a combination of innovative and conventional construction methods that utilises factory produced wall and roof panels. Walls are 2400 mm x 1200 mm x 125 mm thick lightweight interlocking sandwich panels comprising a polyurethane (PU) core encapsulated in two layers of 11 mm thick oriented strand board (OSB) or 12 mm thick good quality magnesium oxide (MgO) boards. For single or double storeys, OSB are clad internally with one or two layers of 15 mm thick fire-resistant gypsum plasterboard respectively and externally with:

Foundations are cast in-situ concrete surface bed with thickened edge beams. They are in all cases designed by a professional engineer or a competent person.

Suspended flooring systems that are in all cases designed by a professional engineer.

The roof panels are constructed in the same manner as the wall panels and are clad externally with light- or heavyweight cladding. Alternatively roofs are conventional.

Windows are “clisco” type frames and doors frames are made of galvanised pressed steel. Alternatively, windows can be conventional timber, aluminium or uPVC frames.
Services are conventional.