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Approved Extract

The Portable Container Building System is a steel structure used as a temporary/mobile post office or bank. The system consists of steel columns supporting a steel roof structure. External walls are pressed steel panels, insulated and lined internally with Rhinowall plasterboard. Internal walls utilize the Rhino-wall walling system. The roof has an insulated ceiling and the floor is a steel deck structure finished with 6/8 mm thick Vastrap and 32 mm Super-wood flooring. Strong-room walls and floor are steel-lined.

The foundation is site-specific, for example on level ground, raft foundation is recommended, on a sloping site a strip-footing with foundation walls and slab are used, while windows and doors are conventional.

The certificate covers the use of the Portable Container Building System in all areas of South Africa for the uses (SANS 10400: Table 1 of regulation A(20) (1) set out below: