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Company: University of Pretoria

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Email: P O Box 413120 CRAIGHALL 2024

Approved Extract

Sandwich Modular Panel Housing System buildings are constructed of factory-produced wall panels that consist of an expanded polystyrene core sandwiched between two fibre-cement boards. The panels are erected in place on a conventional cast in situ concrete surface bed with thickned edge beams, to form the external and internal wall of a building. Connections between the panels are effected by continuous, horizontal steel channels sections top and bottom, and by vertical timber and steel connector columns. At the corners, steel profiles and angles are used to effect connections between the walls.

The base wall channels are anchored to the concrete surface bed by patented metal anchors tha are driven vertically into the holes drilled in the surface bed. The external wall panels are fixed to these and to the upper wall channels by means of bolts that pass horizontally through the wall panel and the legs of the channels. Internal wall panels are fixed to the channels by self-tapping screws tha are driven into the channel legs from each side of the wall. Junctions between the cladding boards occur at each connector column. These are sealed with a flexible sealant and both sides of the wall are painted.

Roof structures are of conventional timber trusses installed at 1 200 mm centres. These are covered with steel roof sheeting on timber purlins. A fibre-cement board or gypsum plasterboard ceiling is provided.

Windows, doors and services are conventional. Electrical conduit and water piping may be incorporated in the wall panels in the factory for later connection on site.

The certificate covers the use of the building system in all areas of South Africa for the erection of single storey buildings of the following occupancy classes as defined in Table 1 of Regulation A20(1) of SABS 0400 of 1990.