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Company: Yangshu Integrated House Building

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Address: No. 18 Xing Fu Street, Yuan bao District, Dandong City, CHINA

Approved Extract

The certificate covers the use of the Yangshu Sandwich Wall Panel Building System in all areas of South Africa for the erection of single and double-storey buildings for occupancy classes set out below (SANS 10400 :Table 1 regulation A (20)(1)):

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to Yangshu Sandwich Wall Panel Building System buildings that are designed and erected as described and illustrated in this certificate, and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.

 General description

Yangshu Sandwich Wall Panel Building System is for erection of single and double storey buildings. The design and erection is controlled by a professional engineer who ensures the structural integrity of the entire building and adherence to the requirements of this certificate.

The Yangshu Sandwich Wall Panel Building System consists of convention concrete foundations and surface beds. The walls are factory or site assembled and consists of light-weight steel frame clad on both sides with panels.

The steel frame is made of hot-rolled galvanised light-weight steel channel 40 mm x 89 mm x 40 mm (Grade 550: Z275), 0.75 mm thick that meets the requirements of SANS4998/ISO4998. The outer panel is 55 mm thick and consists of 8 mm thick fibre-cement board, 5 mm thick Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board and 42 mm thick polystyrene core.

Similarly the inner panel is 38 mm thick and is made of 8 mm thick Gypsum plasterboard, 5 mm thick Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board and 25 mm thick polystyrene core.The building system utilises only light gauge galvanised mild steel roof trusses, rafters, purlins, brandering etc and light- or heavy-weight roof coverings and insulated ceilings. All services are conventional.