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Approved Extract

The Exterior Insulation Facade System may be applied in situ to specified substrates or used in the form of non-structural external cladding panels on light gauge steel framing. The cladding consists of polystyrene board which is glued to the substrate with an acrylic-based adhesive and coated with a finish reinforced with a glassfibre mesh. The adhesive and the finish are supplied by Dryvit Systems Inc and manufactured in the USA. The finish consists of a factory mixed, pure acrylic-based plaster which is pigmented and textured. It is applied with a trowel or spray. When the system is used in the form of cladding panels, the cladding described above has a backing of plasterboard with a gypsum, pitch and paraffin wax core (Rhino moisture-resistant board).

This certificate covers the use of the system as an exterior cladding on buildings in all areas of Southern Africa. The cladding is used on new or existing buildings in accordance with the requirements of a competent person as defined in SABS 0400.