Status: Suspended
Company: Oxyfibre (Pty) Ltd
Tel: +27 (0)12 371 9374
Address: P O Box 12734 BENORYN 1504

Approved Extract

Oxyfibre is an uncrimped, extruded, oxyfluorinated, fibrillated, multi-layered polypropylene fibre manufactured in tape form, chopped into lengths of 14 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm. The oxymodification process makes the normal hydrophobic (water repellent) polypropylene surface hydrophilic (water attracting) thereby improving interfacial shear bond strength with cement matrices.

The introduction of Oxyfibre to a cement-bound matrix modifies the plastic and hardened properties of concrete. When used in accordance with the guidelines, the fibres reduce the probability of plastic shrinkage cracking and thereby improve the probability of drying shrinkage cracking at planned locations. The addition of Oxyfibre will also increase the toughness and impact resistance of concrete.

Oxyfibre can be used in a wide range of mix proportions and can be added without any other modification of the mix proportions.

Oxyfibres are not capable of resisting structural tensile stresses and should therefore not be used as a substitute for conventional steel reinforcement.

Oxyfibre is packaged in 1 kg, 9 kg and 12 kg polythene or paper bags.

Oxyfibre is mainly used to enhance the cracking and impact resistance of concrete and can typically be used in industrial, commercial and residential slabs and pavements, etc as well as thin-section precast concrete components such as wall panels and as an alternative to steel mesh to control cracking