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Company: Winterstrand Construction cc
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Approved Extract

The StyroFrame Building system covers single and double storey buildings with the structure being the responsibility of a professional engineer.

Foundations are conventional concrete raft foundations with thickened edge beams and thickening under internal walls. Foundations are designed by a professional engineer.

External walls are constructed from factory produced galvanised, light gauge steel lipped channel vertical studs spaced at 300mm maximum centres and clad both sides with expanded polystyrene (EPS) The voids formed by the studs and EPS are filled with in-situ concrete. External finish is 8mm to 12mm thick polypropylene mesh reinforced resin bonded Portland cement plaster and internally with 15mm thick fire rated gypsum plasterboard with Rhinolite (or similar) gypsum skim coat plaster. Internal walls are of similar construction with both sides clad with 18mm thick oriented strand board (OSB) and Rhinolite skim coat plaster in place of EPS. Alternatively, internal walls can be gypsum plasterboard dry wall partitioning, complying with the requirements of (Agrément Certificate 2006/327) Rhinowall Walling System

Occupancy separating walls are constructed the same as internal walls with the addition of 15mm thick fire rated gypsum plasterboard secured to the OSB board. Intermediate suspended floor slabs of double storey buildings are of conventional reinforced concrete construction with galvanised, ribbed or flat sheet steel permanent shuttering supported on galvanised, light gauged lipped channel ring beams secured to the sides of the vertical studs of wall panels with continuity reinforcement between floor and walls.