Status: Suspended (23/02/2022)

Company Name: Green Perspectives cc

Address:  P.O Box 71 La Lucia 4159

Telephone:   +27(0)83 445 5123

Fax :  na


Approved Extract

Eco Build Sandbag Building System is a timber frame structure consisting of timber lattice beams (Eco Beam) as vertical and horizontal studs and wall plates with sandbags as in fills. The walls are finished by securing steel wire mesh on both sides of the frame structure and plastering with conventional cement-sand plaster 25 mm thick.The certificate covers the use of the Eco Build Sandbag Building System in all regions of South Africa for the erection of single-storey buildings for occupancy classifications set out below (SANS 10400: Table 1 of Regulation A (20) (1)):