Status: Suspended
Company: RotoTank KZN (Pty) Ltd
Tel: 039 685 7243

Approved Extract

The RotoTankTM Plynth is prefabricated polyethylene and rotary moulded plinth with a thickness of ± 7 mm and diameter of 1410 mm. The plinth is filled with compacted soil up to 400 mm on site and 50 mm thick concrete mix up to the top of the plinth. The overall height of the plinth is 450 mm.

The certificate covers the use of the RotoTankTM Plynth when used as support for vertical 2500 litre water and liquid storage tanks as approved in Agrément certificate 2013/433. The plinth can be used in all regions of South Africa in all types of occupancy classification (SANS 10400: Table 1 of regulation A (20) (1)).