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Company: Great Force Investment 140 Pty (Ltd)

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Address: PO Box 2065 Durbanville, Western Cape 7551

Approved Extract

The Tilt-Up Pre-Fabricated Building System is constructed under the supervision of a professional engineer or approved competent person who:

Prepares a rational design that:

The Tilt-Up Pre-Fabricated Building System is a combination of innovative and conventional construction methods. It is a single storey structure that utilises concrete foundation, ground-floor slab, walls and timber roof. The walls are 120 mm thick, horizontally cast pre-fabricated reinforced concrete panels, incorporating service connections and window and door openings where applicable. The roof is made of a reinforced concrete beam spanning between the gable end walls supporting 152 ? 38 mm timber rafts spaced at 680 mm c/c and covered with roofing tiles in a conventional manner.

The wall panels are either factory made or manufactured on site. These are cast as a complete unit with the external face-up and an imprint (Ashlar Bond) pattern applied to the external face before setting and curing. The Tilt-Up Pre-Fabricated Building System built in the South Coastal Condensation Problem Area (SCCP) requires a Pratliperl finish on both faces of the wall.