Status: Withdrawn

Company: APC Homes Limited

Tel: +27(0)86 1011 011


Address: APC Homes Limited

Approved Extract

The APC Modular Building System comprises factory produced, pre-cast concrete panels which, when erected form load bearing external and internal walls of single storey buildings. Externally wall panels are rendered with 20 mm to 30 mm thick plaster applied in two to three layers. In the Southern Cape Coastal Problem area (SCCP) external wall panels are clad with 20mm thick expanded polystyrene and rendered with 20mm to 25mm thick plaster applied in two layers. Alternatively in the SCCP area walls externally can be finished with 25 mm thick Pratliperl plaster. Walls internally can be left unfinished, bagged or rendered with 15 mm to 20 mm thick plaster. Exterior walls are 100mm thick and internal walls 90mm.