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Address: Cnr Potsdam & Sati Roads Milnerton 7441

Approved Extract

Cazeden S-Crete Fibres are 3,6 decitex, extruded, uncrimped, polyester staple fibres, 12 mm long.

When added to a cement-bound matrix in accordance with the manufacturer`s guidelines, Cazeden S-Crete Fibres will modify plastic and hardened properties of the matrix reducing the probability of plastic shrinkage-cracking occurring.

Cazeden S-Crete Fibres are typically used:

Cazeden S-Crete Fibres are not capable of resisting structural tensile stresses and must not be used as a substitute for conventional steel reinforcement.

This certificate and Agrément South Africas assessment apply only to Cazeden S-Crete Fibres that are manufactured and used as described and illustrated in this certificate, and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.