Active Certificate – A certificate under the Agrément certificate validity that has not lapsed, for which the certificate holder is actively participating in Post Certification Audits and paying annual fees according to the Conditions of Certification.

Inactive Certificate – A certificate that is inoperative and ASA does not conduct regular monitoring of the certificate holder’s implementation of the quality management system. A certificate may be inactivated if the market conditions or other circumstances become unfavorable, but the certificate holder wishes to retain the certificate until such time that circumstances have changed. If a certificate is inactive the client shall cease to use the ASA Mark.

Suspended Certificate – A certificate that is temporarily inactive due to non-conformance to the Conditions of the Certification or non-payment of annual fees. The suspended certificate may be withdrawn if there is no remedial or the non-conformances are not resolved within the suspension period. Should an Agrément Certificate be under suspension, the product may not carry the ASA Mark and no advertising or promotion of same shall be allowed.

Withdrawn Certificate – A certificate that does not comply with the conditions of certification or has been suspended without remedial action on the part of the certificate holder. If a certificate is withdrawn the client shall cease to use the ASA Mark.