Agrément South Africa set to launch Eco-labelling System for Building Materials and Products

Agrément South Africa, an entity of the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, was appointed as the Competent Body (or the licensor) to oversee the establishment and operationalising of the government’s eco-labelling system for building materials and products, provisionally known as ecoASA Label.

The eco-labelling system will be established based on existing international standards and adapted for suitability in South Africa. In particular, the system will so far as possible conform to ISO 14024 Environmental Labels and Declarations: Environmental Labelling Type I, Guiding Principles and Procedures.

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ecoASA Paints - Proposed Standard

ecoASA Carpets - Proposed Standard

ecoASA Wall and Ceiling Panels Proposed std Draft

ecoASA Building Insulation Proposed std Draft

ecoASA Adhesives fillers and Sealants Proposed std Draft (002)

Public Comments Form

Performance Criteria - Acoustic Performance of Buildings

Public Comments Form

Public Consultation Information - Acoustic Performance of Buildings